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 Kranzler Autism Programs and Services

Welcome to the Kaps Community

At Kranzler Autism Programs and Services (KAPS), we believe that Autism is a neurological difference, not a disorder.  We work to augment strengths while providing skills for overcoming all of the challenges presented by a world that is not built for Autistic Individuals. 


When someone is diagnosed with Autism, they gain membership to a community of some of the most talented individuals in many fields, including those of the sciences, medicine, art, technology, law, accounting, entertainment and innovation.  They gain membership to the community that is responsible for moving this world forward.  KAPS is proud to serve this distinguished community. 

Autism has an ally here.

Autism has a home here.

Autism has a community here.

Our services
Individual and Group Sessions that Build:
Social Skills
Mood Regulation
Anxiety Management
Executive Functioning
Interoception (Self-Awareness)
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Famous Members of the Autism Community



Albert Einstein

Nikola Tesla

Steve Jobs

Bill Gates

Armani Williams (NASCAR Driver)


MozartCharles Darwin

Sir Isaac Newton

Stephen Wiltshire (World Famous Architect/Artist)


Satoshi Tajiri (Creator of Pokémon)

Dan Harmon (Creator of "Rick and Morty")

Anthony Hopkins

Andy Warhol

William Butler Yeats

Bobby Fischer

Dan Aykroyd

Emily Dickinson

James Joyce

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